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BeeHive Rental >>   

1) Super service – anytime I need anything cell com-wise, it’s quick and easy to get anything done.  The service is miles ahead of any other company I’ve dealt with.

2) Plan reviews without my prompting it – when I’m spending more than I should be I get a call.  Usually you pay too much for a year or more before you realize it.  Not at TWS.

3) The latest technology first.  I get notices when new technology is available that might help my business.  They make you feel like you’re always first in line!

          Scott Bocci

Builder’s Electric >>   

Cook’s Pots & Tabletops >>   

Dear Wireless Source,

I have been a customer at the Wireless since I got my first Cell Phone, one of the ‘ancient’ brick sized clunkers, and have upgraded over the years, and now am in the ‘smartphone’ generation. I could not be more pleased with the service and advice I have received at Wireless Source. I am not a ‘tech junkie’ by any means, but I want my devices to work as described, with minimum fuss!

Of course, cell phones are complicated devices, and I have always been able to walk in, call or email the Wireless Source to solve any issues, questions or problems that I have had, and always get to a good resolution! Whether it might be battery problems, setting up my phones for overseas travel, programming for email and text services, transferring data, contact lists, photos, whatever the issue might be, I am well taken care of by the staff at The Wireless Source.

Thank you, and keep up the good work !

          Keith Ellis

Gardner Floor Covering >>   

Gardner Floor Covering's employees have used the Wireless Source as their primary cellular provider since the near beginning of cellular service in the Eugene area.  Never, in 100's of competitors attempts, have we been tempted to switch to another provider.  The Wireless Source's account supervision and service is second to none in our opinion.

        Scott Siegmond, Owner

Harvey & Price >>   

I can always count on the Wireless Source.  With a busy Company with multiple phones, the Wireless Source has NEVER disappointed me.  Their service is immediate and always reliable.  They continually provide me with suggestions to save on our monthly wireless bill!  I will not go anywhere else for wireless both for business or personal needs.
       Michelle Cross, General Manager

Jake and The Crew at Northwest Quality Roofing >>   

Dear Danita, 

We want to thank you for the great customer service we always receive from you and your staff.  You are always available to help, even weekends and nights, always willing to help with billing questions and are very patient wnad easy to work with.  We also appreciate your recommendations for our plan to save money.  Thanks again for the wonderful customer service. 

Sincerely, Jake

Jones Roth >>   

Wireless Source has been our trusted resource for all the firm’s wireless communications needs statewide.
      Jeff Bourdage, CPA
      Jones & Roth CPAs and Business

Ninkasi Brewery >>   

Rosboro >>   

The Flower Market >>   

The Wireless Source is a great partner to have on your side. They are very good about helping with technical issues on phones and I can always count on them to advocate for me if I have any problems with my account or invoices.
Thanks for all the personal help.
       Dave Slonecker, Owner

Chuck K. >>   

I went into The Wireless Store yesterday, and again received EXCELLENT SERVICE! Jennifer, as always, was wonderful. I met a young man named Brandon who exemplified your typically good customer service while helping me with a phone for a broke college student. You guys ROCK! Thanks again for your leadership!

Emily & Dix Evans >>   

Dear Cindy,

Just a note to let you know I think you & your employees give the BEST customer service in Eugene.  Last week my phone croaked & your folks came to my rescue with a loaner - How cool is that?!?  And then they helped me when I received my replacement.  Your staff has a great public personna, which I don't encounter a lot.  You should be proud.  - Emily & Dix Evans

Gail & Jean >>   

I just wanted to extend my appreciation for your assistance today. You’re awesome! Your friendliness and professionalism were incredible. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

Jerry B. >>   

Jerry came into The Wireless Source stating that she was thinking of cancelling her Verizon service, but because Rachel went above and beyond to help her she is now going to stay with Verizon.   Jerry says from here on out The Wireless Source is her store!


Jim & Cassie P >>   

One of the things that we like best about working with your store (The Wireless Source), is the way you always find a solution for me.  The ability to think and act outside the box has saved my bacon more than once.  Thanks for remembering our names and treating us like a priority…..we will never shop for cellular anywhere else.

John M. B. >>   

I just returned from your Verizon facility on Willamette Street and 18th.  I was lucky to have Whitney help me with my "low phone storage" problem. Not only did she know exactly what to do, but, she cheerfully worked her magic to save my contacts and photos before fixing the problem.  It's no wonder The Wireless Source is such a successful mobile phone company with people like Whitney helping customers.  Please let her know how much I appreciated her professional and efficient service.

John, Liz & Family >>   

We’d been shopping for good deals on Smartphones for our family during the past few weeks.  What a waste of time!  All we had to do was drop by your store to find the best deal around.  Thanks for all your help, your staff was superb and the prices fantastic.

The Silvers’ Family >>   

Thank you for assisting my husband and my three teenagers with iPhones yesterday.  We used to visit a Big Box store thinking that we'd get a better deal there, gosh were we wrong.   Not only did we get a TERRIFIC price on our phones and accessories, you transferred all of our pictures and contacts to the new phones.  We'll be back!

The Silvers' Family

Wendell Gray >>   

Hamlin sold me exactly what I needed, and the staff is always ready to reteach me how to use my wonderful basic cell phone. Thank You Hamlin!


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